Čakovice Grammar School is not a particularly large institution. Located on the northern edge of the City of Prague, we benefit from being large enough to provide a broad range of subjects yet we consider ourselves to be forged on a very human scale that permits everyone to feel connected and to take advantage of a real sense of belonging. The close kinship fostered by our small-sized classes is a boon for both the academic and social development of our students.

We offer a spectrum of courses within general education, and we have developed a good reputation for teaching languages. Among our foreign languages instructors we boast a number of native speakers and we believe that this provides our students with a measurable competitive edge as they make their way in the world.

Students may opt to join our six-year or four-year study tracks. The overarching aim of our dedicated faculty is to prepare the students in our care to succeed. Often this means arming our students with the transferable skills required to flourish in a university or college environment, but we also pay heed to the needs of those who set their sights on less academic paths. For this reason, we help foster critical thinking and presentation skills. Since 2007, our grammar school has been a faculty school of Charles University of Prague and we take great pride from that special status.

In addition to striving for academic goals, our students are schooled in sports, culture, and entertainment. We encourage participation in competitions and understand the benefits and advantages of testing yourself against quality opposition. Furthermore, students are afforded the opportunity to visit a number of other countries. Recently, our dedicated faculty has directed study programs to Scotland and Spain. Other foreign trips include Switzerland, Germany, Austria, the UK, and Poland.

The school has also cooperated with organizations outside of traditional education providers. In collaboration with KUKA Robotics we have arranged participation for our students in a number of programs in robot programming and automated technology.

For further information about our offerings, please visit our admissions procedures page, the events pages, or the photo gallery.